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"Will Our Generation Speak? offers Christians an invigorating challenge, and Grace Mally does so with a message that grips the heart. Penetrating yet practical, it beckons young believers to boldly embrace the call to action as a witness for Jesus Christ. This book brings a fresh perspective to the greatest mission of all. The world needs this message, and every young Christian needs this book!"

—Chuck Black, Author of The Kingdom Series &The Knights of Arrethtrae


“Will Our Generation Speak? is a wonderful, practical, and very timely publication. Never before in history has the Church so needed to speak up and to speak clearly. This book does that and it tells you how to do it, with practical examples and inspiring heart-warming personal experiences. It’s fuel for your fire, diligently gathered by the author so that you can let your light shine.”

—Ray Comfort, Founder of Living Waters, cohost of Way of the Master


“Witnessing often makes people nervous, but it’s important that we share our faith. Grace Mally shares practical tools that work!”

—The Duggar Family, TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting


“Grace has an open and engaging writing style which makes for an enjoyable read. The personal anecdotes she relates are interesting and encouraging, and her tips are simple and practical. Although specifically targeted toward the younger generation, this book provides an excellent guide for Christians who struggle with witnessing at any age.”

—Michael Farris, Chancellor, Patrick Henry College


“Grace inspires Christians to share the purity of the gospel with passion and power. Read her book and then go out and 'Give 'em Heaven.'”

—Bill Jack, Worldview Academy


“I have had the privilege of meeting the Mally Family several times over the years. Sarah, Stephen and Grace are bright, articulate and “on-fire” for the Lord! … In her new book, Will Our Generation Speak? , Grace challenges her peers to get out of the ‘pew-sitting’ business and into ‘people getting’ mode. She gives wonderful, practical examples of how the Lord has used her humble obedience to share the love of Christ, as well as the gospel, to more folks than most adults two and three times her age. There is no doubt in my mind that God is going to use this to powerfully challenge a generation mired in complacency. I can only pray that her cry to her generation to be bold will have an impact on the older generation as well. Oh, how we need more young people in the world today who are not ashamed of the gospel, and who are willing to open their mouth even though they may be mocked or ridiculed for their faith.”

—Carl D. Kerby, President and Founder, Reasons for Hope


“I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  It was a fun read, and it is so practical in helping Christians to share their faith.  Grace’s insights have re-energized me to go into all the world and preach the Gospel. The helpful tips and insights that Grace provides in this remarkable book will help you to share your faith with others in a gentle and conversational way.  You too can experience the joy of leading someone to Christ – a joy that will last for all eternity.”

—Dr. Jason Lisle, Institute for Creation Research


“The Christian church has long needed a stimulus for effective witnessing from a Biblical worldview. In this book Grace Mally fills that need. She rightly places creation thinking as the foundation stone of such a worldview, and a primary witnessing tool for the Christian. She identifies creation truth as an ‘attention-getter’ and ‘conversation-starter’ without peer. This method will be followed by every fruitful Christian.”

—Dr. John Morris, President, Institute for Creation Research


“Who do you learn from the best? A person who tells you what to do or a person who is doing it and speaks from their experience? The latter. That is why any Christian committed to reaching the lost would benefit from reading Will Our Generation Speak? She speaks from a commitment to Scripture and a wealth of experience. You will come away from Grace’s book doing what she does – talking to the lost, not just about the lost.”

– Dr. R. Larry Moyer, Founder & CEO, EvanTell


“Our mission at Summit is to call rising generations from aimlessness to fearlessness and we’re seeing it happen! Grace Mally is one of those leading the way, and in Will Our Generation Speak? she shows how to break the ice and introduce people to the good news of the Gospel. In the little hippie town where I live, people are evangelistic about all kinds of things – vegetarianism, Wicca, Communism, you name it. They’re enthusiastic. They’re sold-out. The question for believers is, ‘If God made them, Christ died for them, and I care about them, then will I find my voice and introduce them to the truth?’ As Grace says in the book, ‘Love will find a way. Indifference will find an excuse.’ I take this as a personal challenge, and I hope you will too.”

—Jeff Myers, Ph.D., President, Summit Ministries


“If ever young people in America needed to raise their voice and zealously proclaim the truth of God, it’s now. In today’s post-modern, ‘relative’ generation, young people have a voice that is heard. We need Christian young people who will rise to leadership. Grace’s book doesn’t just tell young people to be bold—it shows them how to do it. It is full of real life experience, conversation openers, creative ideas and encouraging stories.”

—Woody Robertson, College Plus


“Grace Mally’s timely book, Will our Generation Speak? comes as a powerful message for Christ to Christian young people in the adolescent years of this millennium. Not only is Grace a very good writer, but she has built a great file of life experiences, both hers and others, in witnessing for Christ. Just the remarkable number and clarity of real occasions of personal evangelism will convey to the sincere reader that New Testament evangelism ought to be a way of life, a lifestyle for the true Christian. The author gives numerous suggestions and illustrations of planned, group-effort evangelism. Yet the weight of this excellent book emphasizes the great and glorious pattern of an individual life that is driven by love and loyalty to Christ and His gospel, and looks for and makes opportunity for witness for Him in virtually every dimension and experience of life. I highly recommend the thoughtful reading of Grace’s book to the present generation of Christian young people in the Western world. May the Spirit of God use this to spark another Great Awakening in our culture for the glory of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and the salvation of multitudes who do not yet know Him.”

—Dr. Daniel H. Smith, Former President, Emmaus Bible College


“What Grace has done in this book is convincingly make the case that all young Christians should be witnesses … She gives stories of her own experience in witnessing that are truly thrilling. She makes the case that young people can be the most effective soul winners of all. She explains how young people have opportunities to witness that older folks don’t have, which I had never thought about. This book will inspire even the skeptic to witness. This book is a must for every Christian young person … If young people will read it and apply it, we will see revival in America. That’s my prayer; thanks, Grace, for helping us all to see the importance of witnessing and the ease in doing it.”

—Mike Smith, President of HSLDA


“You might be as afraid of a book about evangelism as much as you are of evangelism itself. Take courage, Grace Mally’s book is winsome and inspiring! I loved all of her personal stories which tastefully season the book throughout and draw you in from chapter to chapter. You will be glad you read it.”

—Phillip Telfer, Founder, Media Talk 101


“I’m knocked out by this book. It is so needed and it is very well done. The personal testimonies are invaluable.”

—Mitch Triestman, Author, Speaker, Missionary with The Friends of Israel


“God has entrusted the proclamation of the gospel to each successive generation. Will Our Generation Speak? is a clarion call to young people to embrace God’s plan for evangelism. This book shows you why you must, and practically how you can, tell others about Jesus. It is Biblical, bold, convicting and inspiring. This is a book whose time has come. I hope every Christian young person in America reads this book!”

—Israel Wayne, Author, Conference Speaker


“I look forward to getting Will Our Generation Speak? into the hands of my grandchildren. Grace Mally clearly, simply, and convincingly provides encouragement to young people that they can be used of God to advance His kingdom. Her illustrations and personal experiences will inspire and motivate her readers to be bold with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

—Norm Wakefield, Founder, Spirit of Elijah Ministries


“The most compelling feature of Will Our Generation Speak? by Grace Mally … IS Grace Mally. She doesn’t just tell us how, why, and where to share our faith—she does it. I was humbled and challenged by reading story after story of how she asked the people God put in her path, ‘Do you ever think about what happens after you die?’ She serves as a powerful example of the truth that she shares. As a dad, this is a book I’ll want each of my teenage children to read. You should too.”

—Todd Wilson, Founder, Familyman Ministries


“I absolutely loved this book! It had me laughing, crying, convicted and encouraged. I can’t wait for my kids to read it!”

—Rachel Zwayne, Living Waters