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Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends - Table of Contents
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Table of Contents:


1. Home Sweet Home: In Crisis
Why Your Own Family is Often Your Biggest Struggle
Would you like to get along with your family as well as you do with your friends?
Can you name six major reasons most families have struggles?

2. The Chance of a Lifetime
Your Life Work Starts in Your Family
Do you know God's first requirement for leadership?
Have you discovered how God is using your family as His training program in your life?

3. Skunks and Mothballs
Looking at the Future Picture
Do you know how to make a cat and dog best friends?
Can you name at least twelve benefits that result when brothers and sisters are best friends?

4. Problems Come and Problems Stay
Finding the Root Problem
How many conflicts in your family result from past problems?
What are three keys to forgiving when you don't feel like it?

5. Peace Treaties in the Living Room
Healing Hurt Relationships
If you could push a “restart” button for life, would you?
What type of person can apply the hardest chapter of this book?

6. Home Survival Kit
The Number One Key to All Relationships
Would you like to know why you had your last argument?
You may have the key to your house, but do you have the key to your home?

7. Oh Brother!
Dealing with “Bothers” and Sisters
What should you do when your brother or sister is bugging you?
Are “automatic responses” good or bad?

8. The Door to My Room is Locked
Three Life-Changing Attitudes
Do you know how to stop an argument once you are in the middle of it?
If you could see inside your brother or sister, how would it change your attitude?

9. Too Big, Too Small, Too Short, Too Tall
What's Your Birth Order?
Do you know the common weaknesses of firstborns?
Can you name five blessings that come from the youngest?

10. Family Warfare
The Amazing Weapon Called Praise
Do you know why this is a best-kept secret?
Are you pleased with how you respond to criticism?

11. Did You Say “Friends” ???
Practical Ways to Build a Friendship
Are you ready for a practical idea to help you get from “just getting along” to being best friends?
What does mountain climbing teach us about relationships?

12. Are You on the Front Lines?
Having Family Ministry
Do you know the very best thing your family can do together?
If you knew what God wanted you to accomplish in your youth, would you do it?