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More Comments from Strong in the Lord Conference Attendees
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I plan to apply what I have learned by getting on the same page as my parents, and beginning to respect them and their authority more. – 14 yr old girl

I loved this conference. It did so much for me. I plan to be better to my siblings. I also plan to obey my parents. – 9 yr old girl

The sessions were great and informative and seemed to reiterate what I already teach my girls. It was good for them to hear it from great role models. Awesome testimonies.

I plan to especially try harder to be nicer to my siblings, to minister to them, and think of them before I think of myself. – 14 yr old girl

I loved the openness of the mom’s sessions. This has challenged me. I loved it!

I made a commitment to be a strong light for the Lord. – 9 year old girl

The conference was AMAZING! If we could get this message out to the young ladies in our nation it would transform our country. It was VERY grounded in the Word of God. The message was filled with the truths of God's Word and was grace based.

I plan to ask God to forgive me where I’ve not trusted Him, where I’ve allowed polluting influences, where I’ve sinned, and (with God’s strength) repent; I was encouraged, convicted and motivated to do right. Lord willing, and with God’s help, I will go and be a bright light.

I want to honor my mom especially – my dad too! - and to read the Bible every day.

I went to your Bright Lights this last weekend and I just loved it.  Ever since I have been home I have tried to change, but it is not as easy as I thought it would be. I have tried to be very kind to my brother and sister but right away my brother teased me in a very mean way. I kept saying to myself I need to be a Bright Light. And I did by just smiling back. I enjoyed it very well.

Wow!  What a wonderful weekend.  You did so much work to make it such a God-honoring time and such a wonderful example to all of us of what it means to really live for the Lord.  It was amazing to see how God put all the pieces together.  Seeing the gift of teaching shared through Sarah and the mothers, the willingness of the Bright Light girls to lead small groups plus organizing all the skits, musical pieces, worship, chalk talk and all the other details that go with putting together an event like this was such a blessing.  God was so glorified and honored with your labor.  My daughters and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole two days. The Lord is going to use this conference and the things shared in a great way in our lives.  Being able to attend a conference where mothers/daughters could go together was the best part for me and for the focus to be Bible-based. God was truly glorified throughout every session. We went home feeling so blessed and encouraged as well as challenged to allow God to transform areas that needed to be transformed…We have been encouraged in our relationships with each other.  My eyes were opened to areas of my life that I need the Lord to work on so my relationship with my daughters becomes strong and more God-honoring. All the testimonials, skits, music, teaching from Sarah and the mothers was absolutely wonderful. It has been a blessing to see so many young ladies demonstrating such godly conduct.

Thank you so much! I have been having a problem with thinking wrong thoughts and [wrong friends]. It is really a spiritual battle. The Bright Lights really helped. I have been praying much more often and I feel God working in my life. I really want to become a godly woman.

My two daughters and I attended the BL conference this past weekend. To say it was WONDERFUL would be completely understating it! My girls (ages 11 and 9) constantly tell me thanks for taking them! How sweet! My 9 year old even left me a little thank you note on my pillow that night thanking me for taking her! In the morning, she asked me to read the Bible to her since she had made a commitment to read a chapter a day. What a blessing! Even I had fallen away from daily Bible reading (though I always, always pray and commit my day to the Lord), so it has helped this mom to be a bright light!

My name is Kim, and I am a mom who attended your "Strong in the Lord" conference a little over a week ago. Both my daughters (ages 13 and 10) just had their first A.T.T.A.C.H. group. They had a picnic and read about David and Goliath. One daughter made up a little folder like what you described on you Brothers and Sisters CD and the other daughter prepared their special lunch out on the lawn. The Lord is really using your ministry to touch the hearts of both my girls. Both of them made commitments to read God's Word every day (my older daughter has been for the past 2 years when we drove out to Wisconsin to a Strong in the Lord conference out there.  She made a commitment to read God's Word every day and has stuck to it faithfully). She has also made a commitment not to keep any secrets from my husband and I and she shared the night we got home from your conference. My younger daughter has been reading God's Word every day since your conference. Just a note here on the home front.  Well, thanks again for all your faithfulness to the Lord.  Be encouraged....He is using you!!!

My daughter and I were so blessed by the BL conference this weekend. We went not knowing what to expect, but the Lord blessed us through you. The teachings on keeping a clear conscience, honoring the Lord with your youth and loving your siblings have had an immediate affect on my daughter. Before we left for the conference she reluctantly gave her little sister a hug; when we got home she was hugging her because she wanted to!

I enjoyed how you used skits to keep interest and to bring forth a godly point. Most importantly, I loved that your conference was saturated with God’s Word.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the exposure my three daughters had at this conference to the bright countenances of all the leaders. It is refreshing for them to see that there is another way to live.

I loved it all, but I especially liked the skits and Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends. I never knew my brother could be a good friend. — 11 year old girl

The conference was done in EXCELLENCE in every area! All the testimonies were so encouraging. I appreciated the modesty (dress and speech) of the girls. All the girls (leaders) had the joy of the Lord. My daughter said, “It has encouraged me to be stronger for the Lord.” My daughter liked the small groups best—she was greatly influenced by her leader.

What an expression of God’s love, that He would send you to come alongside us to be such an encouragement. God used you so graciously and beautifully to impart His teaching, reproof, correction and instruction in righteousness. Thanks for communicating such a high view of the Lord God with practical applications of His Word to equip us as mothers and daughters for His glory. Thanks for such a wonderful time of praise and worship, prayer and fellowship. What a special time of being refreshed.

Thanks again. I could FEEL God there and I cried more than I didn't... I could SEE Him all around. I have been a Christian since I was 8 but my parents didn't see to it that we grew… then I made a lot of poor choices...thoughts, music, friends...I just cried to hear someone say to my daughter and all the rest what I wanted to hear so long ago... what is TRUTH and what can harm you.